Custom Design

In each website especially ecommerce, the design is very important. A good design will decide to the revenue and the sale of the business. Understanding this problem, Themebasic offer the Magento Custom design service to help the customer building an effective website.

As a web designer, there are a lot of factors that they may have to concern. They have to pay attention to not only the user interface, the search engine but also other special items and categories on the websites. With a lot of experience in this field of work, our experts will help customers to design their website from the most basic parts such as the company logo and also the photos of the product that will be display on the website. They will also help you to decide where to put the content onto to attract visitors and how to decorate the website to be more eye-catchy. Furthermore, we will help you to not only have a beautiful look and feel with reasonable colors, style, text fonts but also have a highest level of effectiveness with Magento. In fact, the designers from Themebasic are all professional. We work not only based on the experience about oour expertise but also based on the research on the market with new trends, new interests of customers. We always try to follow the newest trends and improve the websites to be more adaptable with them.

To receive the service with the highest level of quality, customers are recommended to provide information for our web designers about their business, their competitors and their target customers. With those kinds of useful information, our web designers will conduct some research to design the website that can satisfy the demand of the customers. Overall, the success of the website depends heavily on the requirements and aims of customers.

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